Monday, August 1, 2011

Microsoft To Reveal First Nokia Windows Phones this month on August 17

Microsoft partnered up with Nokia earlier this year in a non-disclosed agreement with the company unlike they have with other hardware manufacturers. Windows Phone 7.5 isn’t due until September, and Nokia’s “Sea Ray” device is rumored for release in October, but a supposedly leaked invitation suggests both companies are holding a joint event this month.Nokia and Microsoft have sent out invitations for a special event that could be the venue for the introduction of Nokia's first Windows phone. The August 17 gathering at Cologne's GamesCom expo is cast as a "Nokia & Microsoft party" with live music. It would also pack "exciting actions and surprises," according to The Unwired's copy, hinting that there may be an unveiling.

The Unwired, via Neowin, posted the image of the supposedly leaked invitation to an event by both Nokia and Microsoft for Windows Phone in Cologne, Germany for GamesCon. If true, it would suggest that Microsoft has something planned for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango that would be of interest to attendees of the convention — in other words, to gamers.
The invite reads:
Save the date.
Nokia & Microsoft party.
For the beginning of games week in Cologne, we would like to celebrate with you in a special location. A live act and great dj’s guarantee amazing sounds. Exciting actions and surprises will make it an event to remember.
An invitation with more details will follow soon.

Nokia plans to launch first in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and the Netherlands. Nokia’s Windows Phone devices are currently labeled with “W” (for Windows). Nokia is also rumored to be launching a dual-core N8 variant with a 12MP camera, QWERTY touchscreen candy bar phone and a cheaper touchscreen device with less expensive body.

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  1. Holly s**t!!! Thurrot will have a stroke! The guy said Mango would rtm sometime in september and nokia would unveil their phones on October! It must suck to be him!

  2. Rafael R. says:

    The OS may be done, but the OEMs are still baking their bits in -- a process that is projected to complete in September. Also, Paul mentioned "the earliest we'd see Nokia phones is September/October [...]". I took that to read "see, in stores".

    So, doesn't seem like he's "wrong" yet. May want to wait and see how this unfolds.

  3. Erzhan Kz says:

    Palm trees--->Tropics--->MANGO!!!

    Yeah baby, YEAH!

  4. nokia will have to give most of the wp7 devices they make for free to make them a hit...if nokia doesn't give up their false pride, very soon they will be out of pride of cellphone manufacturers!!

    to regain their former position, they should keep developing symbian along with maemo and meego, they may use wp7 as well but must go for android as their major smartphone OS..

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