Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google Vs Bing [head to head search results]


Since Microsoft opened up its new search engine Bing there has been a nonstop flood of people comparing Bing to the current search juggernaut, Google. Does Bing have a better interface? Is it an improvement over Microsoft’s Live search? And most importantly, does Bing provide better results than Google?

- searching for ‘Google’
Google will show news results about themselves first, and a link to their homepage later, which makes sense since people are probably already on there. The rest of the results consists of Google products and local versions of the search service. Noteworthy difference is the presence of a button that lets you drop down a widget displaying information about Google’s stock without the need to leave the page.
Bing, on the other hand, provides a list of possible extended search queries on the left sidebar, and a list of useful direct links to Google services below the first result. It also lists ‘similar’ searches on the right sidebar (not visible in this screenshot) with alternative services – Bing being the first one they recommend. It also displays a box that you can use to jump to Google search, and it keeps track of your search history right on the page, unless you turn that feature off

we tried it with one of my favorite things to eat, the baked potato:

To my surprise, my vote ended up being for Bing:

Google Bing Potato Image

Finally, just for fun, I asked each engine “What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

And while the results were close, I (to my surprise) ended up voting for Yahoo.

Google Bing the Answer Image


Hear are Head to Head search results... 

Image,Picture Search:

Result :We give BING  the credit for making a good and eye candy image search and Most importantly on one page. Bing Wins !

Search Suggestions :

Bing :

3806916331 bf266791fe o Google Vs Bing : The Ultimate comparison !The Search Suggestion system of BING comes in the form of Related searches and to be honest its not very Good. Most of the words and searches suggested by Bing don’t coincide with the true search in mind.

Web Search :

Search Text : iPhone

Bing :

3807756982 15d3d745c3 o Google Vs Bing : The Ultimate comparison !
We can see that under the best Match heading the first result links us to the webpage. After that Bing puts its Image search in action and shows the images of iPhones, which is useful if you haven’t seen iPhone yet.
Wikipedia Result follows the picture search and after it many other search results follow.

Google :

3806940983 466c9778b8 o Google Vs Bing : The Ultimate comparison !
Google’s search results are similar to those of Bing but they include more of Youtube’s videos. As Youtube is Google’s own brand thus Google prefers it in results.

Result :

Its a Tie. Both give equally good search results.

Google vs Bing search engine :

If you want to Compare the search results yourself then Log on to.
This Webpage compares the Search results Side by Side.
That said, please allow me to reiterate a point Michael made yesterday as well as in the past, that I most definitely agree with: Microsoft is damn right not to give up the search game yet like some are suggesting they should. Please stop calling for a monopoly in search, let these companies compete and fight hard for every user, and I’m sure we’ll see more innovation in this space soon enough.
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Google Search
Google Search image
Launch Date:September 18, 1999
Search is Google’s core product and is what got them an official transitive verb addition to the Merriam Webster for “google”. The product is known for its Internet-crawling Googlebots and its PageRank algorithm influenced heavily by linking.
Bing image
Bing is a decision (search) engine from Microsoft officially announced on May 28, 2009.

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  1. Omg waht the hell ..Bing is under Microsoft !!! & it was launched in the 2009 woo.

  2. one more time – the secret about bing is i…is in the silverlight hypervideo applications…they are going after the merger of TV and the web…with Xbox…they know the $ from ads based in video search are going to make search ads… look like child’s play. but the web dev community is so limited in it’s condescending view of other media and it’s history they would not get that. oy.

  3. I like the test, however there are tons of problems with it, some of which you have already mentioned.

    1. Doesn’t take the User Experience into account at all.
    2. Most people running the searches are Technical / SEO people that is not the typical user of the search engines.

    I think those are two massive points. So while Bing in my opinion has by far the best user experience, and the best search site for mom and dad, high school students, parents, grandparents, and the general population, I still think Google returns search results that we have come to expect as technically savvy people.

    Jury is still out.. going to be awesome to see the advancements in search now that there is competition again. Win or Lose, we will have Microsoft to thank for forcing Google to re-invest in their advertising heavy search engine.

    by Miguel Carrasco

  4. I think it’s interesting that Facebook uses Bing as its search engine – Google tried to encroach on Facebook’s turf a while back and now it’s payback time. Also, some phones come out of the box set to the Bing search engine. I remember the days when Microsoft engaged in monopolistic practices, which is why I have no interest in using Bing.

  5. Google is famous for steeling personal information by using different approaches like scanning gmail user’s email, collecting personal information using it Google map car etc.
    I want to protect my information from steeling so I have stopped using any services provided by Google.
    Google search results are similar to Bing results. I am using Bing for last 8-10 months and have not faced any situation when I did not get the relevant result. So I use Bing for better results which are also presented in a great way.
    Bing map is also better then Google map specially Bing bird’s eye view.

  6. Sweety16 says:

    I have been using bing for a while now and have seen many better features than Google. Bing has good visual, a Bing rewards program so I can get free stuff for just using it, picture display, great clean results, too much to list. Being a huge MS fan, ill never go back to Google.

  7. I too was a google fan but not any more now i use bing also my home page is + you get rewards i already got a $5 amazon gift card and used it it feels nice that bing pays you back not like google and now soon getting ready to redeem my next $5 some time next month.
    Bing FTW…
    thanks Mirosoft…

  8. Pingo Lao says:

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