Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Microsoft and Baidu partners


Microsoft and Baidu partners

Baidu the biggest search engine in China has cooperated with the Microsoft with the aim of providing the English search in China. Microsoft search engine bing will be opened if the search is done in English from Baidu. It is redirected to the Bing from the Baidu. The world's top search engine Google has been sensorship from the chinese government and got a lot of trouble to extend its market in China. Baidu dominates the Chinese market taking about the 80% market whereas google is in second place. It is said that there will be more than 9 million English search from the Baidu everyday.
This partnership helps the Baidu to increase its market and also the Microsoft search engine. Now how the google takes and works from this partnership.

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  1. Appos says:

    no1 can take over google..iinfact in a few days children are gonna be learning G for Google

  2. lily says:

    Micro U hav been to soft in front of google

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