Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why Are Hackers Attacking Sony?


Remember that boy from your school who got bullied by the other boys because he was short, wore glasses and had good grades?
Well, one could easily draw a parallel between that boy and Sony because some angry hackers are constantly breaking the company’s servers and steal confidential data from Sony’s data bases. But what have the Japanese done to upset the cyber bullyboys that much?
Sony is well-known for the aggressive techniques it uses to protect its copyrights and perhaps this is one of the reasons that have made hackers constantly attack its servers.
anonymous sony Why Are Hackers Attacking Sony?
Gene Spafford, an IT security specialist from the Purdue University explained that Sony is to blame for these cyber attack waves, because of the decisions the company has taken. For example, Sony has denied access to its network for users who have modified their PlayStation game console, installed rootkit programs to control CD copy options and filed a trial against hackers George Hotz and Jammie Thomas – all these actions have brought Sony in the hackers’ crosshairs.
Hotz is known for developing iPhone unlock tools but has managed to get on Sony’s nerves after he created a blog in which he described the daily progress he made in cracking PlayStation 3, a system which was thought to be secure. Thomas was caught in the middle of a piracy scandal and was accused by the music industry of having uploaded tracks on Kazaa, a site designed for file sharing.
Sony has created a halo of a greedy, soulless company around it and it should not be surprising it has become a favorite target for hackers, Gene Spafford said.
sony hacked Why Are Hackers Attacking Sony?
In other words, it’s payback time. One of these attacks has significantly damaged the company’s image.
One team of hackers have managed to access the accounts of millions of PlayStation Network users. As soon as the news had spread that Sony is unable to defend itself against cyber attacks, the cyber-sharks smelled blood in the tech ocean and set out for attack.
Sony has been hit no less than 5 times this year:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I waited for and then paid way more money for a PS3 over Xbox 360 because Sony touted it as not only a game console but a veritable home computer complete with the ability to modify it. The original PS3's even had a built in feature called OtherOS that allowed you to load your own operating systems on the console. I remember saying "I can't wait for my PS3, going to load me some FreeBSD right away." Imagine my chagrin when I pick up my PS3 Slim and OtherOS is no longer a feature and Sony has made it near impossible to make any modifications to their "perfect" design. All companies benefit from well versed users willing to make modifications to design. Hackers founded the modern world of personal computing, and the industry will stagnate unless they provide hackers with the freedom to code, design, and modify.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Spread* not spreaded.
    Also, halo* is not spelled with two 'l's, and the word you want is "aura."

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