Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Social Network: "Google Plus+ vs Facebook"



Google finally releases the answer to Facebook, a real Social network branded as Google Plus Project.
Pronounced “Google Plus,” the product is officially written as Google+ — making placing any punctuation after the name fairly awkward. But what looks more natural is the user interface. Facebook has  good UI but Google+feels even better, at least initial mockups. With Google+, the search giant plans to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software..
“It’s ‘Plus’ because it takes products from Google and makes them better and ‘project’ because it’s an ongoing set of products,” said Vic Gundotra, the senior vice president of Google’s social products.

Circles: share what matters

Unlike Facebook, Google+ is built from the ground up around the concept of sharing material with groups of people, called “Circles.” Here’s an example of what sucks with the current generation of social networking:
  • We only want to connect with certain people at certain times, but online we hear from everyone all the time.
  • It’s scary. People fear privacy before sharing any kind of info.
  • It’s insensitive.
From close family to foodies, Google realized that people already use real-life circles to express themselves, and to share with precisely the right folks.

+Sparks: strike up a conversation
Start talking about things you love based on topics. Oh this would be like Quora integrated into something truly social. Once you get started with things that intersts you: Cars, biking, motor sports, spaceships, photography, or tech, great content can lead to great conversations. ITs true that today on facebook it’s still too hard to find and share the things we care about—not without lots of work, and lots of noise. Google created Sparks!


Here’s what Skype and facebook would hate about Google+, group video chats. With Google+ you can make on-screen gatherings fun, fluid and serendipitous. Casual meetup with live multi-person video, Hangouts lets you stop by when you’re free, and spend time with your Circles. Face-to-face-to-face in large groups

The same experience of the web brought to mobiles plus more. +Location – Checkins and more +Instant Upload – Photos and Videos Instant Upload automatically uploads photos to private album to your account, they can be shared at a later point. App is available on Android market, soon on iOS App Store.

Google+ would start sending out invites after you show interest/ register for it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Google plus?? is this a new social network? but is it i cant find the website please send the link

  2. Anonymous says:

    I knew it Goolge would not sit idle ..somthing mastermind plan was going on..hahha altast ther is somone to compete facebook...........

  3. Anwar says:

    is this google+ based on Android?
    upper lines its says App is available on Android market, soon on iOS App Store.

  4. basefree says:

    seriously this is devil combat Planned by historic google as we all know the face that Nokia Symbian stood up for 10years & Googles Android just launched 3years before & the result is Crystal clear Nokia had to ShutDown its SYMBIAN..hear i see the same devil Future

  5. mankind says:

    ^basefree^ its seems you had a great E-War with Google :D0(0)..The real Fact is Facebook itself is a platform so google has to think ten times before conquering Facebook & Facebook is not so stupid to sit idol

  6. Samdos Mano says:

    I love Google+, It may be beat facebook..
    Google Plus Social Network Project Trial Test Today:

  7. vinothr says:

    I really want to try this! Yeah, I know 700 million people are on Facebook including my friends and families and you’ll ask yourself “Why don’t you just use Facebook?” – Well, let me tell you something, I find Facebook to be a really sketchy company, who data mines the crap out of their700+ million users, which I still consider as “RETARDS”. Now, you’ll be like “WTF Google does the same” – Well, to be honest, I rather give Google my private info, at least they come up with brilliant innovations with “my info” unlike *cough* Facebook, who just bids it off or pass it onto 3rd party devs like Zynga who are worth 20 billion? with all your info lol.

  8. Levi Barker says:

    Are you posting this same message on every Google+ post? Your talking about privacy and “data mining” but you are doing the same by posting this comment on just about every major article on the subject. I think you might have another agenda than solely just a “comment.”

  9. iHack says:

    @ 1st Anonymous Commented ya its newly launched

  10. iHack says:

    @Basefree ur absolutely ryt i 100% agree wth ur statement Google is Die-heart competitor any it can take revenge...

  11. Melvin Pereira says:

    Completely agree with you :) Are Facebook’s Days numbered ?

  12. Wow, this could be a game changer indeed, if not for any reason but to spite Facebook. Facebook has become so popular that there’s a certain brand of person (the nonconformist) who will drop it for a competitor just to say they dropped Facebook. Though, there’s a bit of a caveat here, as Google+ is another monster company. Nonconformists tend to be the “indie” types, so I’m not sure they’ll do the equivalent of ditching one giant for another.

  13. Please. I have to hide from Parentsbook ummm I mean facebook.

  14. I hate acting spammy like this, but if anyone happens to have one, I will be forever grateful… :):

  15. Gamble says:

    this wud be the biggest rivel ever so far

  16. Anonymous says:

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