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Install Any Software You need In Your USB Flash Drive With Mojopac


Install Any Software You need In Your USB Flash Drive With Mojopac

Have you imagined that your laptop is in your pocket?  All the necessary software may be available every time, every where! Suppose you are in a Cybercafe and you want to edit some photos in Photoshop.install-any-software-in-usb-flash But in that computer Photoshop application is not available.
In the mere cases you will get available all your necessary software in a cybercafe. If you are using your friend’s laptop then similar situation may be happened. So it is better to keep all the software that you need, installed in your personal device. But how does it possible? Let’s discuss.
You can install your necessary software in your USB flash drive and use it in any PC or laptop without installing that software in the host PC. If you want to use your USB flash drive like your PC then you have to install a simple tool “Mojopac” in your USB flash drive.

About Mojopac

Mojopac is a cool application that allows you to merge your entire PC in a USB drive. This version of Mojopac is compatible with Windows XP. It will not effect the connected PC, the PC also not effect your USB drive. The software provides all types of security as well as your privacy. Your application information, browsing history as well as your data will be never left behind in the connected PC. SoIf you want to use it just download Mojopac tool and install it in your USB drive. After installation, your USB flash drive behaves just like a PC and you are ready to install your necessary software in the USB flash drive.

How Mojopac works?

In the installation stage it copies some windows files along with its own files and creates an environment of Windows XP  in the target USB Flash drive. So when you are going to install any software in the USB flash drive then it feels like that it is being installed in the XP machine.

How You Install Mojopac In Your USB Drive

  1. Download Mojopac.8-30-2009 8-54-52 PM
  2. Run the Mojopac setup file and select the target location as your USB drive.8-30-2009 9-21-12 PM
  3. Enable the option “The product is licensed for personal”  and  “I agree” then click on “I agree” button.ttt
  4. Click on “Finish” to complete the Mojopac installation.8-30-2009 9-35-19 PM
  5. If you want to use the full version then  you have to register on the Mojopac site. But trial version may be used for your trial and you can register later for full version.
  6. Create user name and password for login to the Mojopac environment.
  7. After login you can install your necessary software.
  8. That’s all. You  are ready to to use the installed software without installing in the host PC.
In Mojopac environment it has own program menu, my computer, recycle bin . In the top of the scene there is a switch to get back in your Windows XP. Through this switch you can easily switch between Mojopac and Windows XP.


With the help of Mojopac virtually you can create a  PC in your USB drive. Then you can carry your necessary software and settings every where and use this software in any PC without installing this software in that PC. Even if you love to play game, install that game in Mojopac in your USB drive and just connect your USB drive in any PC  to play the game.

Latest Update:

Now Mojopac is going to release a version for Windows Vista. If you want to check the Beta version then mail to mojoguru[at]
If any problem arises, feel free to contact us.We are always happy to help you.


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