Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HOW Many Operating System have you heared ???

There are about 5 Operating Systems You Probably Didn’t Hear About.

Most people think that there are only three desktop operating systems out there: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. But the world of operating systems does not stop at those three platforms and PC World has recently dedicated an article to those „obscure” operating systems.
To start with, there are a lot of alternative operating systems and most of them can run on modern x86 equipments. Moreover, users can download them for free. Here is top 5 most popular alternative operating systems list.


gem 5 Operating Systems You Probably Didnt Hear About

GEM was born in the Digital Research labs in 1985. Atari used this platform as graphics interface for their computers. Caldera later bought GEM and turned it into an open-source platform in 1999. Enthusiasts have updated and extended the code ever since. Today the code is also known as FreeGEM or OpenGEm.


syllable 5 Operating Systems You Probably Didnt Hear About
Syllable is a free open-source operating system. The platform was first developed as an AtheOS fork in 2002 and it was a primitive open-source platform which aimed at becoming an Amiga OS clone. Syllable uses the folder system from AtheOS and is partly based on the POSIX standard (Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX) which lets enthusiasts port Linux apps to the platform.


menuet 5 Operating Systems You Probably Didnt Hear About
MenuetOS is an operating system entirely written in the x86 assembly language. It is based on no other operating system and does not use the UNIX or POSIX standards. The platform was launched in 2000 and its main purpose was to set aside the layers which are present in all traditional operating systems. These layers usually make programming more difficult and create bugs.


inferno 5 Operating Systems You Probably Didnt Hear About
Inferno was first introduced by the Bell Labs in 1995. It is a distributed operating system which offers users the possibility of using the resources available in the hardware’s nod. Inferno apps can be ported to many hardware and network systems and is available for free download from here.

Kolibri OS

kolivbri oa 5 Operating Systems You Probably Didnt Hear About
Is a small, but very rapid OS, written in the assembly language.  The OS first appeared in 2004 and is based on the MenuetOS code. It is an open-source platform which can run on a single floppy-disk but can be extended if installed on a hard disk.

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  1. Nolinks says:

    OpenGEM is not an OS, but a GUI that can be installed on MS-DOS & FreeDOS (these are what I've run it on), and possibly other versions of DOS.

    KolibriOS is effectively a fork of MenuetOS 32bit, MenuetOS development being focused upon 64bit.

    While I'm on the subject of Assembly Language based OSs, there're also AtomCoreOS, BAOS, DexOS, Unununium, MikeOS, OctaOS, ShinobiOS, ShoockOS, TomOS, Sol OS, & BareMetalOS, that I know of.

    For something unique & splendidly weird, take a look at LoseThos!!!

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