Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Brief History Of Windows vs. Apple [Infographic]..


A Brief History Of Windows vs. Apple [Infographic]

apple vs windows Infographic

It may seem like the Windows vs. Apple computer war has been raging since the very dawn of earthly life, back when single-celled organisms used punch cards to program the first sorting algorithms. Not so! It was actually the dawn of late 1984. If you didn’t know that, but find it interesting, check out this exhaustive infographic from Manolution, learn the facts and then try to use them to convince your friends that they’re backing the loser in this race. I, for one, need a little bit more evidence than this to convince me that the blue screen of death isn’t awe-inspiring, even if it is in a terrifying, “I am become death” sort of way. Full image after the jump.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    amazing war stuff...thank for the brief

  2. Anonymous says:

    ohhhhhh that unimaginable..who can think about this history..

  3. huh,, nice info. very informative. thanks for this blog post

  4. unwanted says:

    that is Microsoft who can beat the giant

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