Saturday, April 30, 2011

Increase Your uTorrent Download Speed By 80%[With Pics]

Increase Your uTorrent Download Speed By 80%[With Pics]

    Increase your Utorrent speed by 80%

Lets get started. If you dont have Utorrent, Download it from here Remember to increase torrent speed please disable firewall before you use it. Now Open it up and follow these screenshots tutorial:
[Image: utorrent1.jpg]
[Image: utorrent2.jpg]
[Image: utorrent3.jpg]
For connection setting I Here checked enable upnp port mapping, enable NAT-PMP port mapping and i use 45682 for random port.
[Image: utorrent4.jpg]
Checked use additional upload slots if upload speed <90% and follow the value setting like screenshot.

[Image: utorrent5.jpg]

Checked for enable dht network, enable dht for new torrent, enable local peer discovery, ask tracker for scrape information, enable peer change, allow incoming legacy connections and enable outgoing protocol encryption.

[Image: utorrent6.jpg]

[Image: utorrent7.jpg]
Setup net.max_halfopen to 90
[Image: utorrent8.jpg]
[Image: utorrent9.jpg]
That is it, You have just tweaked the speed of Utorrent by 80%
Remember, If the torrent has no seeds, This will not work!
Any Suggestions and replies would be appreciated 

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  1. Gamester says:

    wowww it really works

  2. Anonymous says:

    increased just 40-50% in mine ,,any way it was great tut

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