Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free Premium Accounts…!! { 16 Download Sites}


Following are the list of usernames and passwords of the premium accounts for Best downloads sites.
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Update: Premium Login for has been posted here.

1.) {download movies fastly}
Username : divx273
Password : 8342729

2.) {movies, music, Pc Games, Tv shows}
Username : cinemanetwork20
Password : butterfly20

3.) {movies,Pc softwares, Pc Games, Tv shows}
Username : lo886Ees
Password : zAgt88er

4.) {movies, Pc softwares, Pc Games}
Username : LODMQYHX
Password : 375021402
Receipt : 4T5W89RD

5.) {movies, Pc Games, psp softwares}
Username : ga20me
Password : ke01feb

6.) {movies, music, Pc Games, online Tv}
Username : cinemanetwork20
Password : butterfly20

7.) {Greatly Every thing}
Username : Af872HskL
Password : XjsdH28N

8.) {Greatly Every thing}
Username : Af872HskL
Password : XjsdH28N

9.) {Every thing}
Username :
Password : CHh5LKPI

Username :
Password : MJY0BUY

Username :
Password : rYvLgPrt

Username :
Password : F9Gzgwb5

10.) {Every thing}
Username : ageg2020
Password : z8fsDfg3

11.) {All Stuff}
Username : HnRPxKQz
Password : a59KBV7

Username : a25bipZP
Password : 1TeVnoJb

Username : SHYyJfWU
Password : P4K20uO

12.) {All Stuff}
Username : mpuv3y
Password : umvpy3x

13.) {All Stuff}
Username : AL3429352
Password : ykbcKTNS

Username : AL3429355
Password : RCHAbhKM

Username : AL3429350
Password : gMZNFcyS

Username : AL3429351
Password : cTAkWAxc

Username : AL3429352
Password : ykbcKTNS

14) {All Stuff}
Username : ga20me
Password : ke01feb

15.) {All Stuff}
Username : cu20me
Password : ke01feb

16.) {online Tv}
Username : mv03dl
Password : frmvdl


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